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About Me

Editor. Filmmaker. Storyteller.

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Olena became interested in film and theater early in life. Her experience in the entertainment business began in Russia when she pursued a career as an adolescent actress.  Olena graduated with a Bachelors in Theater from Russia's most prominent art school, St. Petersburg's Academy of Dramatic Arts and Cinema. During her tenure at the Academy, she was inspired by a new interest in filmmaking.  

In 1996, Olena came to the United States to study filmmaking while working for independent production companies. She spent four years studying still photography and motion picture editing and eventually received her Masters in Editing 2006 from the American Film Institute.

Her background in theater education and dramatic storytelling is an incredible asset in her work as an editor. The most interesting part of editing is the collaboration and synergy of effort that it takes to tell stories. 

After graduating AFI, Olena pursued work as a freelance editor and has since edited four features including films for Roger Corman's company as well as other independent filmmakers.  

Olena has experience working on features, documentaries, narrative short films, reels, music videos, promo videos, etc.  Currently works for A-POST EDITORIAL. 

She is also interested in pursuing new media and technologies.  Olena is fluent in English, Ukranian and Russian.

Olena Kuhtaryeva credits


2017 In the Shadows (feature) additional editor | dir. Dipesh Jain

2016 Qi (feature in production) editor | dir. Anastacia Junqueira

2016 Sleepover (short) additional editor | dir. Susana Casares

2017 Moments (short) editor | dir. Vasiliy Chuprina

2016 Return To Sender (short) editor | dir. Jessie Hill

2015 The Rat (short) editor | dir. Vasiliy Chuprina

2015 Into The Hidden Valley (documentary short) editor | dir. Svetlana K.Bisbal

2015 Blind Date (short) editor | dir. Mragendra Singh

2014 Wolf Man (documentary short) editor | William Horberg

2014 All That Glitter (short) editor | dir. Demond Robertson

2014 Maria & Celester (short) editor | dir. Jessie Hill

2013 52 The Trolley Bus (documentary short) editor | dir. David Auerbach

2013 Tryouts (short) editor | dir. Susana Casares

2012 Red Butterfly (feature) editor | dir. Jon Henri

2011 Bloodwork (feature) editor | dir. Eric Wostenberg

2009 Gosia’s Witch (short) editor | dir. Dominika Waclawiak

2009 Dinoshark ( TV Movie) editor | dir. Kevin O’Neill

2008 Backlight (feature) editor | dir. Fernando Fragata

2008 One Child (short) editor | dir. Gino Cadanas

2008 Two Nights (short) editor | dir. Oriol Bernat

2007 Caroline Crossing (short) editor | dir. Mahesh Pailoor

TRYOUTS  Best Drama · EMMY’s Foundation College Television Award · Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

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